Leicester Square, London W1
Job cost
Scaffold size
square meters
52 weeks
Victory House is a listed building and the site of a new hotel project in one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Our first task was to gain all necessary permissions and permits from Westminster Council to enable us to place scaffold on the pedestrian area of Leicester Square. This was a challenge in itself but one that was overcome with patience and huge assistance from the authorities.

Scaffolding support was required for the entire building which required new footings and became an empty shell during total renovation.

A 20.0m of Gantry was installed to the Victory Place elevation and all rear elevations set off Gallows bracket ties due to fragile neighbouring roofs. The building was unable to bear weight of standards and we were unable to Cantilever out of Victory House.

Restraint steel works were installed inside the building while outside, a fully designed sub-frame was created to house a lifesize visual display of a pristine new building. The aesthetically pleasing design received universal praise from the client, the public and designers and the external view was further enhanced by a giant electronic advertising screen.

"This was a monumental challenge for the entire Texo team, but one that excited us from start to finish. Most London projects have hurdles to overcome but working in Leicester Square, one of the most iconic and famous addresses in the world, was always going to deliver something new and unique. Victory House certainly delivered on that front.

With literally hundreds of thousands of people moving in that part of town every day, exclusion zones and pedestrian traffic management was always going to play a huge part in the project. I am delighted to report that we ticked all the boxes required by our clients and the authorities at Westminster City Council."
Gary Silke
Texo Scaffolding Operations Director


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