Solving problems is what we do best


We are incredibly proud of our line-up, led by our irrepressible managing director Robert Hayward. Like all good teams, we come with experience, flair, imagination and ability to think on our feet. we pride ourselves on delivering incredible service and great results.

Robert Hayward

Managing Director and Owner

Robert founded the company in 2009. His scaffolding career is comprehensive, starting in scaffold yard, moving on to the tools, before progressing to management and the boardroom. He is the heartbeat of the company and manages with a hands-on approach.

Gary Silke

Operations Director

Gary is the Operations Director of Texo Scaffolding and Construction Limited. He, like Robert, rose to management after working as a scaffolder. Gary is Rob’s right hand man, having built their business relationship over many years prior to Texo.

Ted Thorn

Commercial Director

Ted is one of Texo Scaffoldings’ most recent acquisitions to the team. His calming presence has already made him an invaluable member of the team, bringing a wealth of experience to the Texo boardroom.

Danny Kaufmann

Contracts Mananger

Danny has been another constant presence since the formation of Texo Scaffolding as a company. His reassuring demeanor and knowledge is a huge asset to the business , reflected by his steady progression up the company ladder.

Jamie Hayward

Contracts Supervisor

Jamie’s delayed move into management was down to him being one of the company’s most prized assets as a scaffolder. His rare mix of speed and quality of workmanship has made his move long overdue. Jamie has taken to his new role with consummate ease and he is extremely popular with the clients. His depth of knowledge helps to resolve and avoid potential hiccups.

Dave Mawhinney

Contract Supervisor

Dave is our client’s first point of contact onsite for any jobs under his supervision. In line with the company’s philosophy, Dave has been chosen for his knowledge of the job, his team leading skills and his approachable manner for clients.

Tristan Kelly

Health & Safety Advisor / Access Safety Solutions Limited

Although Tristan is not actually a member of the management team, Texo’s constant push for a 100 per cent safe working environment has warranted his inclusion. The fact that we see so much of him, means he’s practically part of the team anyway. Specialising specifically in the scaffolding side of health and safety, Tristan gives both Texo Scaffolding and our clients a reassuring and first rate service.

Jay Thorn

Contracts Manager

From dealing with clients to implementing what needs to be done, Jay is a man that knows his stuff. As a qualified scaffolder, he is a true problem solver with the ability to think on his feet. A real asset to both Texo Scaffolding and our clients alike.


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