Solving problems is what we do best


Texo Scaffolding and Construction has worked on a wide range of buildings since we started our business, some small and delicate and others that could be described as downright enormous. We enjoy a challenge and approach every project with the same mindset... Assess, Plan and Execute. It has never let us down.

From high-rise flats and listed buildings, to industrial factories and iconic central London properties, Texo has serviced every building imaginable.
Having the right staff and the right equipment is paramount. Texo engineers are always equipped with the very latest tools and supplies.
On-site logistics are vital to any project. Texo Scaffolding and Construction ensure that all equipment is delivered and erected with almost military precision causing the minimum amount of disruption to neighbouring businesses or home holders.
In the unlikely event that there is a delay in the arrival of stock, our team will always adapt. You are not paying for people to stand around. It won’t happen.
We believe that a good working relationship between client and Texo is key. We won’t expect you to micro-manage every facet of the job, but you’ll know all the important details at the correct time.


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